In an industry driven by product image & packaging, using SpinLabel™ provides a unique on-product experience that separates brands on the shelf.

Customize engaging label designs that can capture attention as well as customer data!

SpinLabel Cosmetics Inner Label

Inner Label

SpinLabel Cosmetics Outer Label

Outer Label

The increased label space provided by a SpinLabel™ offers additional benefits:

  • Repurchase Codes
  • Redeemable Coupons
  • Eliminate Boxes
  • Content Upload
  • Brand Facts / Information
  • Multiple Languages
  • Product Cross Promotion
  • Scan Codes & Marketing

And Much More…

Products are packaged in many different shapes, sizes and container materials. In order to determine the best application of a SpinLabel™ system on your product follow this brief guideline and download the SpinLabel™ questionnaire for further technical details.