Cut & Stack

Cut & Stack

A cut & stack label uses an edge applied adhesive in the manufacturing process. Adhesive strips or dots are applied along the lead-edge and trail-edge of the label which adheres the label to the conatiner within the confines of the label recessed panel. Sized properly to fit the container, the standard application of a cut & stack label works as an INNER LABEL solution for a SpinLabel™ Rotating Label System A modification to the lead edge adhesive application, allows a cut & stack label to work as an OUTER LABEL solution for a SpinLabel™ Rotating Label System

Inner Label Application​

SpinLabel Inner Label Application Stack
Peel Inner Label Application
Inner Label Application Container

Outer Label Application​

Peel Outer Label Application
Outer Label Application Container
Products are packaged in many different shapes, sizes and container materials. In order to determine the best application of a SpinLabel™ system on your product follow this brief guideline and download the SpinLabel™ questionnaire for further technical details.