Cups are a staple at Stadiums, Movie Theaters, Theme Parks,Concerts, Festivals, Events, C-Stores & More!

Available in both Thermoform (single use) or IML (dishwasher safe),

SpinCups™ provides a marketing platform to directly engage with fans, attendees & customers.

SpinLabel SpinCups Inner Label

Inner Label

SpinLabel Spin Cups Outer Label

Outer Label

Use SpinCups™ for:
  • Advertising
  • 3D Lenticluar Designs
  • Product Cross-Promotion
  • Contests / Games
  • Tell Your Story
  • Redeemable Coupons
  • Content Upload
  • Scan Codes & Marketing

And Much More…

Products are packaged in many different shapes, sizes and container materials. In order to determine the best application of a SpinLabel™ system on your product follow this brief guideline and download the SpinLabel™ questionnaire for further technical details.